Porcelain Dollmaking

Porcelain Dollmaking

Porcelain Dollmaking 






If you are interested in submitting a workshop for a Festival please follow these  guidelines.

 1.  Must be a member in good standing.

 2.  Must have attended at least one Festival.

 3.  A  completed sample must be submitted to Jean by the deadline.

 4.  The Workshop Form (Supply List) must be submitted with the Sample.

 5.  Register for the up-coming Festival as soon as workshop is accepted.

 6.  Should not take more than three (3) hours to complete project.

 7.  Should not cost over $50.00

 Our workshops are limited to 10 persons per session.  We will schedule two (2) sessions if at all possible. The reason for this is we want each person to get individual attention and finish the project.  Have someone do your project before submitting to make sure you are within the time limit.  Also, if your project  is painted porcelain, please have  the same painted item for each kit.  Sometimes the same decorations can not be found for each kit to be alike.  Please talk to Jean about this.

 We have seen in the past that too many folks un-happy because they wanted one like the other person  has, the class was too crowded and they could not complete the project, the Instructor was not prepared with enough items to complete the project.

 You should send each person a receipt. These books can be purchased at most stores.  They are to pay before the Festival.  We find if they wait until class time it delays the class. If you have items or extras kits to sell, do it after everyone is finished the project.

DO NOT TAKE MONEY for a Kit you don't have.

 The Deadline to Submit your Sample is ONE YEAR before the next Festival.  If you have your Sample completed before then, you mail it to Jean for Committee's decision.

Porcelain Dollmaking

 If you have questions,  contact  Jean.  

Jean Castille
1134 Hebert Ln. Hwy.,
St. Martinville, La. 70582
Tel: 337-845-4294
Email: dollsnthingsjean@cox.net
Download a copy of the Guidelines here.
Porcelain Dollmaking  



"Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature."


Porcelain Dollmaking



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Workshop Guidelines 



Porcelain Dollmaking is a wonderful experience and can spread happiness, love and make friends worldwide which then continues on from one generation to another.


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