Porcelain Dollmaking

Porcelain Dollmaking
Porcelain Dollmaking 




The purpose of the Universal Doll Society is to promote Porcelain doll making. The Costume Challenge is designed to give every doll maker attending a UDS Festival the opportunity to participate by exhibiting a doll costumed in the theme of the festival.    Dolls entered will not be judged as competition dolls.


  1. Costume Challenge entry fee is free to UDS members and is not considered part of the Competition Theme category.
  2. Any porcelain doll of your choice may be used for entry into the costume challenge.
  3. Participants may choose any pattern for the costume challenge.
  4. UDS members may enter more than one doll for the challenge.
  5. All Challenge dolls must be displayed on the competition table during the UDS Festival.
  6. The Challenge winner will be chosen from the displayed dolls by popular vote of UDS members.  
  7. You must be a UDS member in good standing to vote,
  8. UDS members may vote only once.






*All challenge dolls must be preregistered.  No late entries will be accepted. Challenge dolls should be entered at the same time as regular competition dolls, and will remain on display throughout the festival.   Challenge dolls should be picked up at the end of the UDS Banquet, at the same time regular competition dolls are picked up.



Porcelain Dollmaking


"Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature."


Porcelain Dollmaking



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Porcelain Dollmaking is a wonderful experience and can spread happiness, love and make friends worldwide which then continues on from one generation to another.